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KICT Develops a New Technology for Emergency Rescue in Collapsed Buildings
  • NameKICT
  • Date2017/11/17 11:12:49
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The KICT Geotechnical Engineering Research Institute announced that it has succeeded in developing a core technology to rescue isolated people swiftly and safely from collapsed high-rise buildings, subways, and tunnels.


KICT structured a test bed similar to an actual civil engineering site collapse scene and initiated an excavation test on November 13, followed by the technical verification test on November 17 with the presence of the rescue team of the Seoul 119 Special Rescue Services.


The emergency rescue technology features a four-step mission process using KICT’s advanced technology including drones, spatial information, precision drilling, and excavation control and aims to first secure victims’ lives and safety during the golden time, i.e., the initial 72 hours after the incident, and rescue them within a week.


special rescue service conducting technical verification test
special rescue service conducting technical verification test 2

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