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KICT and Mongolian CDC Sign Northeast Asian Infrastructure Cooperation MOU
  • NameKICT
  • Date2023/03/02 00:00:00
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On March 2, the KICT and the Construction Development Center (CDC) of Mongolia signed an MOU on networking improvements and infrastructure cooperation in Northeast Asia.

The CDC is an institution, operated under the Mongolian Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, that is responsible for, among other things, issuing permits for construction projects in Mongolia.

The CDC delegation visited with KICT President Kim Byung-suk before the MOU signing ceremony, which was attended by representatives from both institutions, including KICT Vice President of Research Kim Hyun-jun and CDC President Amarsanaa Tserendorj.

Under the MOU, the KICT and CDC will: conduct joint research on construction technologies and related standards; locally apply Korean construction technologies to Mongolian construction projects; participate in education, training, and exchanges to enhance the abilities of construction researchers and technical personnel; hold seminars and forums on construction technology in Korea and Mongolia to induce infrastructure cooperation in Northeast Asia; and engage in other cooperative activities.
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