About KICT

  • Vision
    A citizen-oriented research institute that leads innovative growth in the construction industry
  • Slogan
    Free research environment, communicative researchers, a research institute partnering with citizens
  • Management
    • Goal 1 Concentrate R&D capabilities on resolving national and social issues.
    • Goal 2 Lead innovative growth in the construction industry with policy-technology-project packages.
    • Goal 3 Ensure purpose-driven flexible operations and a cooperative and communicative organizational culture.
  • Objectives
    • Research
      • Develop disaster-resilient infrastructure construction technologies.
      • Ensure sustainable environments for citizens’ living.
      • Take the lead in core technologies for smart construction.
      • Develop new markets and innovate in infrastructure construction technologies.
    • Research Support
      • Create mission-oriented research environments.
      • Ensure efficient organizational operations and research confidentiality.
      • Build a system to manage, utilize and diffuse research outcomes.
  • Core values
    • Freedom
      • Independence and autonomy in research.
      • Social and organizational acceptance of honorable failure.
      • Young and fresh research culture.
    • Relationship
      • Community infrastructure.
      • Interdisciplinary exchanges.
      • Communications between different positions.
    • Fairness
      • Defining and being true to the roles of the state-funded institute.
      • Fair evaluation of research outcomes.
      • Building team culture.