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2017 KICT Day in Europe Event (EKC)
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  • Date2017/07/28 18:39:05
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KICT announced that it had successfully hosted its ‘KICT Day in Europe’ event, to which it invited six cooperating research institutes in Europe, on July 28 during the EKC held in Stockholm, Sweden. The EKC (Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology) is a Europe-Korea science technology conference held every year in Europe. This year, it took place from July 26 to 29.

In addition to KICT, the event was joined by more than 30 scientists from six cooperating research institutes in Europe, including the British Research Establishment (BRE) and the VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland. As well, regional director of the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Karl Henrik Mokkelbost and vice regional director of the VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland Antti Knuuti gave presentations under the theme ‘Cooperation with KICT to Derive Directions for Future Smart Cities,’ to derive plans for exchange and cooperation between Korea and EU research institutes.


At the presentations for each session, technologies related to smart cities and smart city indices that KICT is currently developing were introduced. Also, discussions on the future development direction of smart cities were held with the EU cooperation research institutes such as BRE and VTT participating in the event.


With this event, efforts to procure world-leading construction technologies were renewed through the ‘Small-strong specialized research center strategy project’, and mid-term inspections were conducted on the achievements of cooperative activities between KICT and leading research institutes (WCI) of the EU.





Group photo of KICT Day in Europe


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