Industrial Support

Construction standards
  • Prepare the documentation in a way that allows for determining compliance with existing construction standards.
  • In cases where the nature of the targeted smart construction technology makes it difficult to apply existing construction standards, provide separate construction standards.
The excellence of the technology
  • Safety, productivity, advanced features, scalability, and other technological excellence can also be demonstrated in the technology (to be used as reference material during the construction standard review).
Classification, Considerations for writing
Classification Considerations for writing
Safety Prevention of accidents and hazards
Productivity Reduced construction time or decreased manpower requirement
Advanced capabilities World-class or pioneering technology application, demonstrating high technical standards at national and international levels
Scalability Continuous utilization in the construction industry or applicability in other fields
Others Technological excellence as deemed necessary by the applicant
Construction cost (Optional)
  • The adequacy of design and construction costs associated with the application of smart construction technology should be assessed.
  • As an optional requirement by the applicant, the submission of a cost calculation statement is necessary.