Research Information

Department of Fire Safety Research (Hwaseong) at KICT is the largest fire safety research facilities in Korea built by Korean government to improve fire-safety standard and life quality. FIRE has great experience in conducting a wide range of research using 10MW scale of Large Cone Calorimeter, Room Corner Tester and Single Burning Item. It is also equipped with Material Property Evaluation Laboratory enabling to test various aspects of material properties under elevated temperatures, used at building systems. It aims to develop advanced fire safety technologies through the performance accreditation research according to global regulations, to cope with mega-scale damages induced by recent conflagrations and to enhance the overall standard of domestic industry related to fire safety up to the international levels.

TEL +82-31-369-0552
Large Scale Fire Burn Hall, Material Property Evaluation Laboratory, Common Use
Large Scale Burn Hall Large Cone Calorimeter (10 MW) 30m(W)×38m(L)×39m(H)
Single Burning Items (1 MW)
Room Corner Tester (1 MW)
Fire Resistance Laboratory Column Furnace ㆍLoad Capacity: 1,000ton
ㆍSpecimen Heigh: 5m 
SlabㆍBeam Furnace ㆍLoad Capacity: 400ton
ㆍSpecimen Length: 4.5~10m 
Wall Furnace ㆍLoad Capacity: 100ton
ㆍSpecimen Size: 4m(W)×4m(L) 
Tunnel Furnace Specimen Size: 1.5m(W)×4m(L)
Materal Property Test
Dual Cone Calorimeter  
Smoke Density Chamber  
Flooring Radiant Tester  
High Temperature Compressing and Tension Strength Tester  
Thermal Conductivity Tester besides 7types   
Tunnel Fire Safety Laboratory Water Mist Facility 12m(W)×40m(L)×9m(H) 
Smoke Control Laboratory Intelligent Smoke Control Facility 4floors, 19m(W)×12m(L), 17m(H) 
  • Smoke Control and Gas Toxicity Test
  • Radiant-heat and Flame- spread Test
  • Fire-extinguishing and Fire-alarm Test
  • Thermal Conductivity Test at High Temperature
  • Smoke Density Test
  • Fire Resistance Construction Test
  • High Temperature Property Test for Building Material
  • Large Scale Fire Test