Research Division

Department of Construction Policy Research Research
The Department of Construction Policy Research studies policy issues associated with the Construction industry & technology, and also, Construction (Project) Management as high value-added technology to manage construction projects.
Our Department research areas is the construction technology and industrial policy; the construction production systems and processes; the construction(project) engineering & management function; the construction cost engineering & management; and the post-construction evaluation & management; the asset management policy & technology for sustainable infrastructure; and so on. Progress in these fields enables the development and innovation of the construction industry. The Department of Construction Policy Research draws from its expertise and experience when it works in cooperation with industrial, academic, research, and government entities to push the Korean construction industry’s evolution into a source of tremendous high value-added and raise the bar for the global construction industry.

Operating Under the Department of Construction Policy Research

  • 01 Construction Cost Engineering & Management Center
  • 02 Post-Construction Evaluation & Management Center

Major Research Areas

  • Standard for construction cost estimation research
    • The construction standard production rate based on productivity.
    • The construction standard unit price and cost adjustment criteria.
    • The construction new technology standard production rate and economic analysis.
    • The construction cost index and construction materials pricing trend analysis.
    • The construction policy research related to the construction cost and so on.
  • Construction cost research for social issue and technological innovation
    • The construction costs basic types and cost index for multi-housing projects.
    • The sales price ceiling system for the multi-housing project.
    • The construction standard cost for deteriorated infrastructures(buildings).
    • The standard for construction cost estimation response to the 4th industry.
    • The standard for construction cost for smart construction technology and ICT.
  • National construction policy platform
    • Public construction projects policy research such as procurement, delivery, creating and meeting demand
    • Construction industry policy research technology, engineering, service; creating and meeting demand
    • Take the head of construction process innovation
    • Construction policy influencer such as policy recommendation and so on.
    • Supporting to the national construction (technology) policy recommendations
    • Support and monitoring of achievements of science and construction technology policy consultations
  • Asset Management body of knowledge for the sustainable infrastructure
    • Performance evaluation and processes for the sustainable infrastructure
    • Establishment and revision of laws for infrastructure and development of related guidelines
    • Establishment roadmap for advanced infrastructure asset management
    • Knowledge framework for infrastructure asset management
  • Post-Construction evaluation & management
    • Managing the implementation of post-construction evaluation each public-owner
    • Reviews on the post-construction evaluation results
    • Analysis and disseminate of the post-construction evaluation results
    • Development of policy recommendations and evaluation methods
    • Invigorate on the post-construction evaluation through education and knowledge-interchange by relevant institute