Research Division

The department researches on policy issues Research
in the construction industry and technology. Under the department, Construction Industry Innovation Center and Unification & Northern Research Center are dedicated to policy research on areas such as the promotion of the construction industry and technology, advancement of the industry’s production systems and markets, streamlining of the industry and base technology development, evaluation and support of public construction projects, and Korean peninsula SOC research.


  • 01 Construction Industry Innovation Center
  • 02 Unification and Northern Research Center

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Research on construction industry and construction technology promotion and development policies
    • Research on public construction project procurement policies and systems
    • Research on technology, service and industry policies and systems in the construction sector
    • Research on the advancement of maintenance and asset management systems for national infrastructure
  • Research on the advancement of the construction industry production system, and on market pioneering
    • Analysis of construction economics and industry trends
    • Planning, research, monitoring and evaluation of technology promotion policies and basic plans
    • Research on production systems to improve construction productivity
    • Research on innovation of construction industries and development of policy platforms
    • Research on policies to support pioneering foreign construction markets, such as support for construction systems for developing countries
    • Research on future-oriented construction industry development plans
  • Research on development for efficient construction projects and project management platform technologies
    • Research on construction machine automated technology development using advanced technologies such as ICT
    • Research on platform technologies and standardization for efficient construction projects
    • Research on techniques related to quality, safety, construction period, expense, etc. for the advancement of construction projects
    • Research on the advancement of construction project management element technologies
  • Public construction project evaluation and policy support work
    • Research on public construction project monitoring and evaluation system construction
    • Track the efficacy of construction policies and issue policy white papers
    • Support government policy proposals by institutes, and establish national construction technology policies
    • Inspect the achievements of the science and construction technology policy associations and establish execution plans
  • Research on support strategies for the Korean Peninsula SOC integration
    • Construct data, status surveys and support systems for North Korean SOC construction/renovation
    • Construction cooperation system with border areas for the Korean Peninsula SOC integration
    • Construct SOC development and support strategies for the Northeast Asian economic community