Industrial Support

Business Overview
  • Background
    • Promotion of smart construction technology as part of the government's policy program to stimulate the smart construction sector and facilitate the growth and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the industry.
  • Support Contents
    • Construction technology incorporating advanced smart technologies such as BIM, drones, VR/AR, big data & artificial intelligence, 3D scanning, Internet of Things (IoT), digital twin, prefabrication, mobile technology, robotics, digital mapping, and autonomous driving.
  • Support Period
    • Commencement date to 11. 30. (Approximately 5 months)
  • Support Scale
    • 20 companies, up to 30 million KRW per company (subject to change annually)
Support Contents
  • Direct funding support for implementing smart construction technology ideas, prototyping and enhancing performance, software development, performance testing and verification, and on-site pilot application.
Eligibility and Exclusion Criteria
  • Eligibility
    • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with smart construction technology ideas
    • Companies driving the enhancement of technology (products) using smart construction technology
    • Companies with annual revenue of less than 1 billion KRW
  • Exclusion Criteria
    • Companies that are residents of the Smart Construction Promotion Center
    • Companies with outstanding national or local tax payments
    • Companies selected as demand-based projects for "Support for Commercialization of SMEs and Middle Market Enterprises"
    • Companies restricted from participating in government-supported programs