Industrial Support

  • To provide comprehensive startup support to prospective entrepreneurs interested in venture startups and early-stage startup companies aiming to discover smart construction business ideas and expand new business opportunities.
  • Recruiting resident companies for the Smart Construction Promotion Center
Contest theme
  • Smart construction technology* ideas that can be linked to new venture startups.
    • * Smart construction technology ideas that utilize the integration and application of advanced technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as ICBM※, BIM, drones, robots, etc., in conjunction with traditional construction techniques
  • Smart construction technology among commercialization ideas using promising technologies (patents, etc.) possessed by the Construction Research Institute
  • Other promising technology startup ideas in the fields of construction, land, and transportation
Eligibility criteria
  • Prospective entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders (less than 5 years since establishment, as of the announcement date) who possess creative startup ideas in the construction field and demonstrate a commitment to sustained entrepreneurial activities.
  • Team-based or joint participation is preferred (limited to prospective entrepreneurs)
    • ① Prospective Entrepreneurs (Team): Individuals or teams who are not registered as sole proprietors or corporations as of the recruitment announcement date but have the potential for entrepreneurship and are capable of starting a business
      Prospective Entrepreneurs (Team) are open to individuals who are college students or above (The team composition is limited to a maximum of 5 members)
    • ② Initial Startup Founders (Companies): Open to individual entrepreneurs or corporate entities that have been registered for less than 5 years as of the recruitment announcement date. (For individual entrepreneurs, the determination is based on the opening date recorded in the business registration. For corporate entities, the determination is based on the date of incorporation registration.)
  • Those (teams) eligible for residency at the 「Smart Construction Promotion Center」