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What is technology transfer?

KICT's technologies (intellectual properties, etc.) are transferred to the receiving company by way of transferring or granting a license.

  • Registration and Inquiry of Technology
    • KICT Registration of Transfer technology
    • Business Inquiring technology and requesting preliminary discussions on online technology transfer
  • Announcement of technology
    • KICT Bidding Announcement (14 days)
    • Business Submitting required documents, inclining Technology Transfer Request Application Form
  • Selecting SMEs
    • KICT Internal Screening
  • Contracting
    • Business mutual agreement and sealing of the contract
  • Licensing and post-management
    • KICT Technical Training
    • Business Payment of royalties, licensing
Types of Technology Transfer Contracts

Technology transfer is a contract sealed between KICT and the company demanding KICT's technology, aiming for the license (transfer) of the technology and toward its commercialization. The company requiring the technology should pay a royalty for its use.

Types of Technology Transfer Contracts
Target technology for transfer Patents, utility models, design, brand, copyrights, knowhow, etc. -
License Types Non-exclusive license, exclusive license Principle: non-exclusive license
Types of ownership transfer Full transfer of rights, partial transfer of rights -
Technology Licensing Office (TLO)

TLO is a department that manages technologies (intellectual properties, etc.) owned by KICT and supports the transfer or commercialization of these technologies to companies who demand them.

Technology transfer tasks
Technology transfer tasks
Job assignmentPositionContactEmail
Technology transfer tasks Head +82-31-910-0068
Intellectual Properties
Intellectual Properties
Job assignmentPositionContactEmail
IP Management Head +82-31-910-0068