Research Division

The department’s mission is Research
to improve the competitiveness of the country’s construction industry by supporting start-ups and encouraging cooperation between government-funded institutions and SMEs. It operates Construction Startup Promotion Center, Global Business Division, Technology Commercialization Division and Construction Information Service Division to provide multifaceted support to SMEs so that they can advance into domestic and international markets. The Construction Startup Promotion Center helps startups begin their businesses within and out of the KICT, provides technical consultation, and operates KICT affiliates and online-tooffline (O2O) services with local governments. The Global Business Division offers support to SMEs regarding entering into global markets and construction R&D to improve their international competitiveness. The Technology Commercialization Division supports the qualitative management advancement of patents and technology transfer projects. The Construction Information Service Division provides information about government-run databases such as the Construction Technology Digital Library (CODIL) and the Overseas Information System for Construction Engineering (OVICE).


  • 01 Smart Construction Promotion Center
  • 02 Global Business Division
  • 03 Technology Commercialization Division
  • 04 Construction Information Service Division
  • 05 Regional Cooperation Center

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Promotion and support for construction venture start-ups
    • Establish and execute plans for construction venture start-ups
    • Find construction venture start-up companies/ideas and support start-ups (start-ups within the department, youth venture start-ups, joint ventures, etc.)
    • Find and support start-ups within the department
  • Support for small and medium-sized companies
    • Planning, selection and evaluation of research projects to support small and medium-sized companies (demand-based practical research, etc.)
    • Development of small and medium-sized company cooperation networks (technology exchange associations, etc.), and support for the discovery of family companies
    • Respond to national small & medium-sized company support projects, such as dispatching personnel to small and medium-sized companies
    • Selection and utilization of personnel exclusively in charge of supporting small and medium-sized companies
    • Support efforts by the government and the National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST) to assist small and medium-sized companies
    • O2O (Online to Offline) cooperation of local governments and local small and medium-sized companies
    • Operate call center for small and medium-sized companies
    • Publish PR books to support small and medium-sized companies
  • Support small and medium-sized companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets and pursue international joint research
    • Support the entry of small and medium-sized companies to foreign markets
      • Management of support projects for small and medium-sized companies entering foreign markets
      • Construction of overseas networks for small and medium-sized companies
      • Consulting on difficulties of small and medium-sized companies
    • Support for the construction and operation of KICT-overseas joint research hub
      • Procure global construction technologies and support overseas bases for the discovery of international cooperative research projects
      • Support the entry of KICT global construction R&D technologies to foreign markets
      • Discover demand-based global construction issues
    • Support international cooperation projects and international joint research projects
      • Find and support international matching joint research focusing on demand
      • Find and support international cooperation project
      • Support global human exchanges and the development of global human networks
  • Support developing regional innovative capabilities and resolve current challenges
    • Develop a roadmap for regional cooperative projects to solve regional problems
    • Identify and support empirical R&D research projects to drive regional cooperative projects
    • Strengthen regional cooperative networks with municipalities and develop foundations for relevant projects
    • Strengthen the competitiveness of the construction industry in connection with support for local businesses and regional cooperative projects
    • Support technological empowerment to realize the balanced development of municipalities and regions
    • Operate and manage the KICT Jeju Cooperation Center