Research Division

The department tries to improve Research
the quality of construction technology, build safe construction environments, carry out government contracting works, and support a national policy that aims to respond to changes in the construction industry and improve the country’s construction competitiveness. Under the department, Korea Construction Standards Center focuses on R&D, management/ operation, and verification/ assessment of construction standards, education, and public relations. The Construction Technology Certification Center manages certification services for fireresistant structures, sound insulation walls, industrialized housing, floor impact noise insulation system, recycled aggregates, and steel structures. It also assesses material quality evaluation institutes and supports the operation of the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS). The Cost Engineering & Management Center manages construction standard production rates and unit price in order to obtain the advancement and appropriateness of the standard for cost estimation. It also supports the construction companies by the assessment of their own new technology and conducts various studies including construction cost index, construction cost for public housing, etc.


  • 01 Korea Construction Standards Center
  • 02 Construction Technology Certification Center
  • 03 Cost Engineering & Management Center

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Korea Construction Standards Center
    • R&D and management and operation of national construction standards
    • Enactment and reenactment plans for construction standards, planning of relevant studies, development of policies related to construction
    • Verification, evaluation, education and distribution of construction standards
    • Development and operation of construction standards information and portal systems, construction standard services
    • Research of systems and policy trends related to construction standards in other countries
    • Operation of construction standards committee and private/government associations regarding the enactment/reenactment of construction standards
  • Construction Technology Certification Center
    • Operation of the nation’s only legal construction certification system, and provision of policy support
    • Fire-proof/sound-proof/blocking structure certification system
    • Cyclic aggregate certification system for the recycling of construction resources
    • Steel structure production plant certification system
    • Quality inspection construction technology vendor evaluation system
    • Operation of KOLAS certified testing institute and supporting testing operations
  • Cost Engineering & Management Center
    • Development of standard market price management and construction cost compensation technologies
    • Research on standard unit work management and work productivity
    • Research on the analysis and evaluation of new construction technology unit work management and economic feasibility
    • Research on the development of apartment construction cost index
    • Research on construction cost index analysis and calculation method
    • Research on construction cost calculation standard evaluation and advancement