Research Division

Korea Construction Standards Center Research
The Korea Construction Standards Center develops construction standards in the areas of safety, quality, cost efficiency, and technology, and governs the creation, management, and application of Korea's national construction standards, to support the development of the Korean construction industry to its full potential. Its systematic management of the national construction standards includes development, testing, assessment, and adjustment according to their purpose in the construction industry. It strives for the transnational recognition of construction standards to support the globalization of the construction industry, and for the digitalization of construction standards that is warranted by the technological advances we are making today. The Korea Construction Standards Center, for the safety of all and for the innovation and growth of the construction industry, takes the lead in the creation, optimization, and digitalization of the construction standards that govern the construction industry and in promoting new and exciting developments therein.

Major Research Areas

  • Construction standards research and management
    • Response to changes in construction environment and social needs through construction standards
    • Evaluation of construction standards for their optimization
    • Testing of construction standards in the context of a construction environment
    • Operation of the Construction Standards Committee and Expert Construction Standards Committee
    • Implementation and management of Korea Construction Standards
  • Foundation for global construction standards
    • Construction standards of different countries
    • Global networking for exchanges on construction standards
    • Systemic restructuring of construction standards for their global application
  • Dissemination of construction standards
    • Web portal to support the public's access to construction standards
    • Construction standards training for construction professionals
    • Authoritative interpretation of construction standards for dispute resolution