Research Division

Department of Hydro Science and Engineering Research Research
The Department of Hydro Science and Engineering Research searches for solutions to the most pressing issues involving the water environment, such as floods, droughts, climate change, water circulation, and coastal hazards, to preserve the value of our national territories. Through R&D achievements in such areas as integrated water management for the sustainability of water availability and quality; minimization of damage from floods and droughts; eco-friendly river restoration; and reduction of coastal hazards, the Department of Hydro Science and Engineering Research protects people and works to gives them a better quality of life.

Major Research Areas

  • Advanced water management
    • National water resource management (surface water, subterranean water, coasts)
    • National policies, systems, and plans for water management
    • Restoration and preservation of river environments; study of river ecosystems
    • Water quality control in public waters
  • Climate change response; disaster management
    • Prediction, assessment, and management of climate change
    • Prediction, reduction, and management of atmospheric and water disasters
    • Study of precipitation and water resources for data collection and response
    • Reduction of flood and drought damage
  • Future strategies and technology
    • Advanced hydrological monitoring and forecast
    • River structures (embankments) made of advanced materials
    • IT-enabled advanced water supply measurement
    • Renewable energy from water, waves, and tides
    • Development and standardization of river ecosystem
  • Field technology
    • Hydrological measurement, analysis, and planning for flood forecast and reduction of flood damage
    • Policy on planning, operation, and management of rivers and basins
    • Planning, operation, and maintenance of river structures, dams, and coastal structures
    • Hydrological modeling and experiment concerning river or coastal environments and dams
    • Testing, assessment, and improvement of river structures
    • Technical consultation and support concerning water resources, sluices, rivers, and coasts