Research Division

The department conducts research Research
and development missions on the sustainable building and urban planning, structural safety and building materials, and energy and resource conservation performance. Based on these missions, the department creates a new architectural culture by developing systems, policies, construction methods, products, and evaluation techniques. In close cooperation with industry and academia, our accumulated research competitiveness will contribute to globalizing Korean building and urban technology. Centered on its affiliated Green Building Research Center and Building Safety Research Center, the department mainly focuses on ⓐthe implementation and dissemination of green construction and zero energy buildings, ⓑtechnology for structural safety, ⓒbuilding energy management and system optimization, ⓓtechnology for solving social issues, and ⓔtechnology for achieving sustainable development.


  • 01 Green Building Research Center
  • 02 Building Safety Research Center
  • 03 Modular Architecture Research Center

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Promoting the configuration and distribution of green architecture/zero energy buildings
    • Research on the development of policies, systems and certification standards to support the establishment of green buildings
    • Empirical research on zero-energy buildings and support for pilot projects
    • Research on highly functional/active building exterior systems and on new insulation materials
    • Building energy efficiency grade certification system evaluation projects
    • Research on zero-energy building materials, construction materials, and improvement of building technology energy efficiency
    • Support for the operation and technologies of the national green building research center and zero energy technology center
  • Research on national safety technologies
    • Research on disaster prevention (earthquake-proof, fire-proof, wind-proof, etc.) and fire and evacuation for buildings
    • Research on the structural safety evaluation and safety diagnosis remodeling of buildings
    • Research on the horizontal/vertical extension technology of buildings
    • Research on prevention and safety technologies for buildings and urban environments to counter natural disasters
    • Research on standards/policies/systems and improvement technologies for safe and seamless living environments
  • Research on building energy management technology and system optimization
    • Research on building energy management system operation systems and active control technologies
    • Research on building energy and greenhouse gas evaluation, management and conservation technologies and policy research
    • Carbon-saving smart urban energy management technology research
    • Research on energy performance integrated management technologies for promoting green buildings
    • Research on smart building energy optimization operation technologies
    • Research on city-based circulating plant complexes
  • Development of social issue resolution and support technologies
    • Research on policies, systems and technologies for improving indoor environments (air environment, noise environment, etc.)
    • Research on practical apartment performance improvement technologies to realize residential welfare
    • Research to address apartment noise issues
    • Research on technologies for improving residential environments
    • Research on low-cost and safe housing distribution technologies
    • Technology development for higher modular buildings and improving productivity
    • Technology research to reduce noise in apartments
  • Research on sustainable technologies
    • Research on sustainable building and urban policies, systems, standards, etc.
    • Research on expanding building greening and air conditioning facility technologies to improve the urban environment
    • Research on construction waste recycling technologies and policies
    • Research on building material standards, policies, systems, etc.
    • Construction of building materials LCI DB and CO2 integrated management systems
    • Research on low-cost remodeling technologies
    • Research for longer life, improved maintenance performance, and upgrading of buildings