Research Division

The department conducts research Research
on fireproof construction, flameretardant materials, fire prevention, fire safety for buildings and social infrastructure, and fire-related tests including fire resistance, heat reactions, and full-scale fire experiments. The department also has a wide range of experiment equipment such as a 10 MWclass Burn Hall, Room Corner Test facilities, Single Burning Item, a horizontal long-span furnace (10m), a 1,000 ton sized vertical and horizontal furnaces, and a multipurpose furnaces. The department has developed technologies for buildingcustomized fire safety design, the design and assessment standards of building fire resistance, flameretardant materials, and their applications. The department is also capable of operating the Smart Building / Disaster Safety Integrated Management System (Smart- E2MS), conducting research on fire safety in underground spaces and skyscrapers. The department plans to grow its ICT-based disaster safety system on a national level, as well as expand and strengthen its role as an internationally recognized fire testing institution


  • 01 Administrative Team for Fire Safety Research

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Development of building-customized, high performance fire safety design technologies
    • Development of building fire risk evaluation technologies
    • Development of building fire-resistance, combustion spreading prevention, smoke control and evacuation safety design technologies
    • Development of building materials, members, furniture, life-size fire patterns and consulting technologies
  • Development of facility fire-resistance/flame-proof design/evaluation standards and element technologies
    • Development of facility fire-resistance design and evaluation technologies
    • Development of flame-proof element technologies
    • Research on fire-resistant and flame-proof policies
  • Development of fire-resistant building outer-wall-system materials, structures, and construction techniques
    • Develop building outer-wall systems that satisfy both insulation and fire-resistance requirements
    • Demonstrate world-class technological competence through locally and internationally accredited tests
    • Institutional and policy research on fire-safe materials, structures, and construction techniques
  • Research on fire safety in new spaces such as underground, skyscrapers, etc.
    • Development of deep-depth multi-level tunnel network-type ventilation and fire safety technologies
    • Development of fire response system for high pressure, long-distance underwater tunnels
    • Development of ventilation system for safe and pleasant urban underground spatial development
    • Development of air curtains, compressed air foam, and remote automatic extinguisher facility technologies
    • Research on fire impact of skyscrapers and deep-depth underground buildings
    • Research on system to prevent and control the spread of smoke in the evacuation routes of skyscrapers
  • Development of an intelligent building and disaster safety management system (Smart-E3MS)
    • Develop an open platform to build low-cost, high-performance management systems
    • Build integrated building safety, environment, and energy management systems based on the open platform
    • Develop building fire surveillance and extinguishing algorithms and service modules
    • ICT-based real-time fire response system research