Industrial Support

Promotion and Facilitation of Utilization Sharing among Project Owner, Designers, Contractors, and Developers
  • The Project Owner should submit a post-opinion statement on smart construction technology to the Smart Construction Technology Field within one month.
  • The Operating Organization encourages the development and advancement of the technology or similar technologies based on the post-opinions of smart construction technology.
  • The Specialized Agency (or Operating Organization) can request the relevant agencies for the revision of construction standards and improvement of regulations based on the post-opinions of users.
Adjustment of evaluation criteria for smart construction technology
  • The Project Owner may adjust the scoring for design or technology proposals in batch bidding, alternative bidding, or technology proposal bidding projects where smart construction technology is applied. This adjustment can be made based on the evaluation criteria specified in Annex 6 and Annex 7 of the "Regulation on the Operation of Construction Technology Promotion Work," according to Article 32(2)(1) of the same regulation, taking into account the characteristics and content of the project.
  • If the Project Owner recognizes the need for the application of smart construction technology based on the characteristics, content, and market situation of the project, they may, in consultation with the Minister of Planning and Finance, adjust the scoring limits for evaluation items or add or exclude evaluation items according to Article 4(2) of the "Comprehensive Evaluation and Award System for Construction Contracts (Contract Procurement Regulations).“
  • The Project Owner may modify the evaluation items and scoring criteria in accordance with Article 18(2) of the "Guidelines for Evaluation of Construction Technology Services and Construction" to assess the construction evaluation results in accordance with Item 4 of Appendix 2 of the "(Contract Regulations) Comprehensive Evaluation and Award System for Construction Contracts" with consideration given to the application of smart construction technology.
Utilization of Registered Smart Construction Technologies in the Smart Construction Technology Field
  • When preparing bidding notices, the Project Owner may refer to the technology summaries provided by the Smart Construction Technology Field and the following materials as reference documents to select and incorporate smart construction technologies that are suitable for the characteristics of the construction site.
    • 1. Expert opinions on construction standards from professional organizations
    • 2. Expert opinions on construction costs from professional organizations
Utilization of smart construction technologies beyond the registered ones
  • Participants in construction projects can request the application of smart construction technologies, including those not registered in the Smart Construction Technology Field, to all or certain phases of the construction process from the Project Owner.
  • The Project Owner may select and apply smart construction technologies, beyond those registered in the Smart Construction Technology Field, to construction projects through the Technical Advisory Committee or other means in accordance with Article 6 of the Construction Technology Promotion Act.
  • If the Project Owner determines that a thorough review is required for smart construction technologies not registered in the Smart Construction Technology Field, they may seek review from a specialized organization through the Operating Organization or establish their own Smart Construction Technology Evaluation Committee for the evaluation.
  • The Operating Organization should respond to the Project Owner with the review opinions from the specialized organization and, in consultation with the procuring agency, review the registration of the technology in the Smart Construction Technology Field.
  • The Project Owner may apply the smart construction technology deemed appropriate based on the review results from the specialized organization or the Smart Construction Technology Evaluation Committee, as determined in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3, to the construction projects.