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Family Site
    • 건설기술정보시스템(CODIL)
    • Construction Technology Digital Library system (CODIL) A construction technology portal site that offers one-stop services for all construction technology related information MORE
    • 국가건설기준센터
    • Korea Construction Standards Center (KCSC) Integrated services for specifications, design standards and other construction guidelines MORE
    • KICT 공사비원가관리센터
    • Standard market unit price and standard of estimate Standard market unit price, standard of estimate, and construction cost index services MORE
    • 해외건설엔지니어링 정보시스템 (OVICE)
    • Overseas Information System for Construction Engineering (OVICE) Offering international law/system, bids/contracts, design, project management (materials, equipment, labor, finance, taxes, quality, environment, claims, etc.) documents and technical information MORE
Related Organizations
    • 과학기술정보통신부
    • Ministry of Science and ICT Website of the Ministry of Science and ICT MORE
    • 국토교통부
    • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport MORE
    • 국가과학기술연구회
    • National Research Council of Science & Technology (NST) Website of National Research Council of Science & Technology (NST) MORE
    • 교통량 정보제공 시스템
    • Traffic Monitoring System Traffic statistics available from the Statistical Yearbook of Traffic MORE
    • 도로 교량 및 터널 현황 정보시스템
    • Road bridge, and tunnel status information system Inquiries into national bridge and tunnel statistics MORE
    • 국토지반정보 통합DB센터
    • Geotechnical information DB system Offering information on the registration, search, download, and applications of geotechnical drilling during construction projects MORE
    • 건설사업정보화
    • Continuous Acquisition & Life- cycle support Offering CALS services to citizens MORE
    • 녹색건축인증(G-SEED)
    • Green building certification (G-SEED) Website Green building certification (G-SEED) Website, which assesses the eco-friendliness of building MORE
    • EU Horizon 2020 DESTRES DESTRESS stands for a promising and future-oriented approach to demonstrate soft stimulation methods of EGS MORE