Research Division

Department of Building Research Research
The Department of Building Research provides the public with safe and pleasant residential environments through R&D in housing, construction, and urban technology. Broad areas of its R&D include sustainable and environment-friendly construction and city planning; design, construction, and installation for structural safety; development and testing of advanced construction materials; performance-based construction and housing standards; reconstruction and remodeling technology for a longer lifespan and improved functionality of structures; and modular construction and recycling technology. The R&D achievements of the Department of Building Research have led to the creation of structures and cities in Korea with enhanced levels of safety and functionality, setting a precedent which can be studied by other countries seeking similar results, with whom it is happy to share its technology. The Department of Building Research will heighten and integrate its R&D endeavors to create the kind of innovative culture and system of construction that are needed for a sustainable living environment for the well-being of humanity and the planet.

Major Research Areas

  • Increased lifespan of structures; safety management of structures at different lifecycle stages
    • Policies, systems, standards for construction safety and related technologies
    • Safety inspection and assessment of structures
    • Safety and environmental assessment of high-rise structures
    • Protection of structures from earthquakes, fires, and winds; evacuation procedures
    • Safety features for the protection of aged buildings from disasters and accidents
    • Technology and policy for recycling of construction waste
    • Technology and policy for decommissioning, reconstruction, and remodeling of structures
  • Smart home environment
    • User-centric research and policy recommendation for management of social issues
    • Design and construction of functional structures
    • Analysis and improvement of home environments
    • Lifespan increase, lifespan maintenance, and functional enhancement of structures
    • Policy and technology for green buildings
  • Modular buildings, a groundbreaking construction technology
    • Policy study for promotion of modular buildings
    • Development and testing of new and advanced construction materials, technologies, and techniques
    • Assembly, disassembly, and reuse of modular structures
    • Structural safety of modular buildings
    • High-rise modular structures and improved productivity in construction
    • Modular systems for emergency response
  • Sustainability of urban environments
    • Policy study for the planning, operation, and management of sustainable urban environments
    • Data-enabled planning, operation, and management of cities
    • Monitoring, analysis, and assessment of urban environments
    • Urban regeneration and urban recovery
    • Climate change response within an urban environment
    • Smart City service certification standards