Industrial Support

Infrastructure status

Ongoing maintenance of the resident space for efficient management.

  • Basic space infrastructure maintenance to adapt to the changing demand for office space from resident companies.
  • Optimization of startup support infrastructure through the maintenance and development of office spaces and shared spaces (networking spaces between companies, meeting rooms, shared offices, etc.) secured through the establishment of the 2nd center.

Establishment of a communication channel to support smooth business activities of resident companies.

  • Holding meetings to enhance communication with resident companies.
  • Designating and operating dedicated personnel for each resident company to facilitate smooth cooperation between the Smart Construction Promotion Center and the resident companies.
  • Discussions on issues, challenges, and improvement suggestions raised by resident companies.

Strengthening support for corporate promotion of resident companies.

  • Enhancing corporate promotion of resident companies through the cooperation of the Entrepreneurship Support Committee in Goyang-si.
  • Promoting corporate publicity through participation in the Goyang-si Startup Festival.
  • Utilizing publications such as the Journal of the Korea Construction Association for corporate promotion.