Industrial Support

Smart Construction Promotion Center Smart Construction
Promoting the activation of smart construction technologies for the improvement of the construction industry's structure and fostering the related startup ecosystem. Support provided for this purpose
The only Smart Construction Promotion Center in Korea established under Article 10-2 of the Construction Technology Promotion Act.
Vision, Goals, and Missions of the Smart Construction Promotion Center
KICT Sustainable development of smart construction technology establishment of a smart construction startup ecosystem.
Policy development and support for the promotion and establishment of smart construction development, dissemination, and the creation of a startup ecosystem.
  • Conducting research, policy support, and policy research to promote the development, dissemination, and widespread adoption of smart construction technologies.
  • Publishing smart construction reports.
  • Operating smart construction forums.
Discovering and supporting the commercialization of smart construction startup companies through R&D and consulting services.
  • Startup idea contest to discover potential companies for incubation.
  • Support for commercialization of promising technologies and business management consulting - including investment attraction support, business diagnosis, KICT Unicorn, Post-BI program, etc.
  • Smart Construction Innovation Program.
  • Implementation of ideas and prototyping for validation.
  • (Planned for '23) Commercialization Proof of Concept (PoC) matching program.
Establishment and operation of infrastructure and collaborative networks to support smart construction startups.
  • Operation of the Smart Construction Promotion Center
  • Completion and preparation of two Smart Construction Promotion Center facilities for occupancy.
  • Improvement of the working environment and operational support for existing resident companies, including office supplies, public utilities, and provision of auxiliary facilities.
  • (Planned for '23) Expansion of the center.
Expansion of the smart construction and its achievements.
  • Smart Construction Expo.
  • Smart Construction Challenge.
  • Smart Construction Technology Exhibition.
  • (Planned for '23) Strengthening promotion through the establishment of a website.
Promotional Basis and Budget Status
  • Basis: Based on Article 10-2 of the Construction Technology Promotion Act, which aims to promote the activation of integrated and composite construction technologies.
  • The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's budget for the year 2023 has been finalized (allocating 64.15 billion won)
Role of the Smart Construction Promotion Center in operation

The Smart Construction Promotion Center provides comprehensive startup services for smart construction technology startups, including providing startup spaces, technical support, and education/consulting services. It also identifies areas for institutional improvements and works towards creating industry consensus, thereby promoting the development, adoption, and application of smart construction technologies and fostering a conducive environment for startups.