Industrial Support

Demand-based SME Technical Commercialization Support Projects

KICT is helping to resolve technical issues faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in South Korea by promoting collaborations and R&D between researchers and businesses.

Support Type
Support Type
Support TypeContentsRegion
Technical commercialization Promoting SMEs' technical competitiveness and commercialization through KICT's technology transfer National
Localization and verification of national technology Localization, verification, and commercialization of national and oversea technology National
SME support policy and legalization Improvement of related systems for enhancing SMEs in construction -
  • Application for business demand
    Application of SME technology demand
  • Matching experts
    Reviewing the validity of the application, matching researchers
  • Project support
    Researcher creating project plan based on business demand.
  • Selection and execution
    Review and finalization by the Selection Review Committee
  • Completion of the project
    Conclusion of technology transfer contract after the result evaluation
Technology Exchange Meeting

Technology exchange meeting at KICT are part of an industry-research R&D community in the land and transportation fields, and through consistent exchange activities and technical mentoring they support the growth and competitiveness of Korean SMEs in the construction industry

  • Mentoring supporting the technical development mentoring between research divisions and SMEs who participate in the Technical Exchange Meetings
  • Networking providing a platform of exchange for KICT-SMEs and SMEs
  • Offering Information offering research trends and various information
  • Infrastructure offering joint use of research equipment (expenses exempt for SMEs)
  • Selecting special areas
    Determining special areas for Technical Exchange Meetings(research divisions, SME Support Division)
  • Recruiting participating SMEs
    Recruiting SMEs to participate in Technical Exchange Meetings (Website)
  • Starting Technical Exchange Meetings
    Assessment of participating SMEs and establishing the Technical Exchange Meetings by special areas (research divisions)
  • Activities of Technical Exchange Meetings
    Commencement of activities of Technical Exchange Meetings (research divisions)
  • Report of the activities of Technical Exchange Meetings
    Completion of reports of outcomes from Technical Exchange Meetings (research divisions)
Research Staff Dispatch Project

KICT's Research Staff Dispatch Project is a government project that aims to promote the technical innovation and capacity of SMEs in South Korea so as to nurture them to become established enterprises by offering world-leading expertise from its research staff.

  • Researchers to be dispatche two Master or Ph.D.-level researchers per company
  • Duration of the dispatch three years (can be extended once; up to a maximum of six years)
  • Wages identical to KICT's pay scale (50% by the government, and 50% by the company
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