Research Division

Department of Future and Smart Construction Research Research
The Department of Future and Smart Construction Research develops, integrates, and implements technologies for the digital transformation of the construction industry. Intelligent construction data and geospatial data; digital social overhead capital; construction automation and building information modeling for smart construction; smart city standardization and related policy studies; smart IoT; and the development of core technologies for construction in extreme environments (i.e., space and the polar regions) are some of the areas in which the Department of Future and Smart Construction Technology is making progress. In these areas, it pursues package R&D which includes foundation research, policy (standardization) platform development, and field implementation, including technical and policy support of corporate entities. The Department of Future and Smart Construction Technology will continue its efforts to innovate the construction industry.

Major Research Areas

  • Technological integration using smart construction data and spatial data
    • Planning and governance of construction data and spatial data
    • Technology and standards based on construction data and spatial data
    • Integration and implementation of ICT in relation to construction data and spatial data
    • Construction data and spatial data in government-commissioned tasks (road signage installation, geotechnical information gathering and management)
    • Smart construction technology based on indoor or outdoor spatial data (building information modeling (BIM), reverse engineering, etc.)
    • Spatial data-enabled intelligent crime prevention technology
    • Spatial data-enabled simulated emergency training content for disaster response
    • Hyper-connected subterranean spatial data circulation
    • Digital live land data technology
    • Advanced three-dimensional grid system for enhanced social safety
    • AI image recognition-enabled three-dimensional particulate matter data computation
    • BIM-/CAD-enabled indoor spatial data computation automation
  • BIM, virtual construction, and 3D printing for digital twin-enabled construction automation
    • BIM technology for application to social overhead capital
    • International-standard BIM format-based dynamic four-dimensional virtual construction simulation
    • VR/AR-enabled smart construction simulation
    • VR/AR-enabled city simulation and ecosystem planning
    • Three-dimensional printing designs, materials, and equipment for small structures and atypical materials
    • BIM standards, construction data integration environments, integrated operation of construction and spatial data
    • Metaverse- and XR-enabled construction simulation
  • Construction technology for extreme environments and conditions
    • Extreme environment (space, polar regions, particulate matter, pollution, crisis zones) response and control; environmental reproduction infrastructure
    • Extreme environments: Surveying, planning, design, materials, production, installation or construction, management
    • Plants and life lines: Planning, design, production, installation or construction, operation, management, performance, assessment
    • Micro-vibration control, ground movement assessment at high temperatures and pressure, and thermal-hydrologic-dynamic interpretations in relation to deep-underground geothermal power generation
  • Big data and smart city technology for land, infrastructure, and transport affairs
    • Big data planning of land, infrastructure, and transport affairs
    • Big data (continuous acquisition and lifecycle support (CALS) of construction project data; underground facilities data, road-occupant facilities and road signage data) for land, infrastructure, and transport affairs
    • Big data service (construction data CALS) for optimized road management
    • Three-dimensional grid-based comprehensive management of national territories
    • Strategies and systems for smart city standardization
    • Models of smart city project management and assessment; discovery of smart city partnership opportunities
    • Smart city certification system