Research Division

Department of Building Energy Research Research
The Department of Building Energy Research develops policy and technology in support of the Korea government's Net Zero 2050 goals related to the climate change response. To create a unified platform for developing and implementing carbon neutrality policies, it develops zero-energy technology to reduce energy consumption by newly built structures, and researches schemes for "green remodeling" of existing buildings and the necessary technology. It reduces and optimizes energy consumption through technology that enables ICT-enhanced management of zero-energy buildings and energy lifecycle management of buildings. The Department of Building Energy Research is developing a green remodeling platform that operates on the public data and construction energy technology needed to create zero-energy buildings and cities, just two highlights of its efforts in creating the carbon-free circular economy the world needs.

Major Research Areas

  • Building energy and carbon neutrality
    • Optimization of construction materials and systems and renewable energy
    • Optimized energy efficiency of zero-energy buildings and building materials and technology
  • Building energy and carbon neutrality data science
    • Design, creation, use, and analysis of energy/environmental big data
    • Net-zero structures and digital-twin cities
  • Development, certification, and governance of green building technology
    • Sustainable construction governance and standardization (zero-energy buildings and green remodeling)
    • Integration of carbon neutral building and city services and related joint international efforts
  • Commissioned public tasks
    • Green Building Certification System (Article 16 of the Green Buildings Construction Support Act)
    • Building Energy Efficiency Rating (Article 16 of the Green Buildings Construction Support Act)
    • Zero-energy Construction Support Center (Article 23 of the Green Building Act)
    • Technical Review of New Construction Technologies and Products (Article 68 of the Building Act)
    • Apartment Building Design Specifications for Condensation Prevention (Article 14 of the Regulations on Housing Construction Standards, etc.)