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21st Korea Science Creativity Festival
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  • Date2017/08/10 09:48:58
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The ‘21st Korea Science Creativity Festival,’ which was supervised by the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity and hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, was successfully held at Ilsan KINTEX Exhibit Hall 1 from August 10-15. During the exhibit period, KICT received a great deal of attention from visitors for its VR experience zones and construction technology class programs.

The most popular item in the exhibit was the ‘Concrete Making VR Experience Zone’. It attracted a lot of attention by using a VR technology-based game to give visitors a fun way to experience making concrete, the most fundamental construction material.

The construction technology experience class program included ‘Building Geoga Bridge’ and ‘Making Solar Power Windmills’. In the ‘Building Geoga Bridge’ lesson, visitors were able to learn about the types of bridges, and had the chance to build a cable-stayed bridge (Geoga Bridge) to learn about the principles of forces that are applied on bridges. In addition, younger children learned about zero-energy buildings that minimize the use of energy by participating in making solar powered windmills, and were able to experience solar power energy by making their own solar power windmill.

As well, exhibition panels and testing equipment such as bridges, hyperloop and space construction were provided, giving visitors who did not participate in the experience a chance to see the research achievements of KICT.

First held in 1997, the Korea Science Creativity Festival has been held for the past 21 years, and is an exhibit that has developed with the history of Korean science and technology.



View of KICT booth
KICT Booth photo 2
People lining up to experience VR
Boy is wearing a head gear for VR experiment
Children are building Geoga Bridge
Children experiencing windmill power

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