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The 28th Korea-Japan (KICT-JICE) Exchange and Cooperation Meeting
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  • Date2017/09/04 10:22:37
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On September 4th, KICT held the 28th Korea-Japan (KICT-JICE) exchange and cooperation meeting together with the Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering (JICE) in Tokyo.

The exchange and cooperation meeting between the two institutes took place from September 4 to 8. Following a congratulatory speech by Vice President Jun-Hwa Jeong and greetings from President Taniguchi Hiroaki, presentations were made by researchers from the two institutes.

KICT researchers had the opportunity to learn about the current issues in Japan’s construction sector and to observe new technologies being applied in construction sites through seminars on rivers, roads, housing, and technological development and management sectors, as well as visits to the Hokkaido region. In addition, by sharing information in research fields through seminar presentations, directions for building cooperation between the two institutes were discussed in order to form sound exchange and cooperation models between the Korean and Japanese research institutes.

After signing an exchange agreement in 1989, KICT and JICE held the 1st construction technology seminar to share actual research achievements in 1990. The two organizations have held annual joint seminars ever since, alternating hosting duties.



Vice president Jeong giving a speech at JICE
Presentation at JICE
Seminar session at JICE
Discussion at JICE
Visitation to Japanese construction site
Group photo by Otaru harbor


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