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KICT Signs an MOU with the Korean Army on Advanced Protective Design Research
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  • Date2017/10/17 11:09:30
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KICT signed an MOU with the Korean Army on the technical and human exchange and cooperation for protective design research in the Headquarters of the Army in Gyeryong City, Chungnam Province on October 17. It is expected that research and development synergies will be created under the MOU by combining the KICT Structural Engineering Research Institute’s technology in bullet- and explosion-proof structure and the Army Engineer Corps’ expertise in construction and operation.


Under the MOU, KICT will have foundations to carry out protective design tests and demonstrations using the Army’s fire power. The Army aims to establish a combat support system for protective structures following probable enemy attack scenarios and jointly develop technical solutions therefor with KICT.


The KICT Structural Protection and Anti-Blast Organization developed a high-performance cement composite material and used that material to develop an innovative protective structure design and construction technology to achieve approximately 2.5 times better protection compared to normal concrete. In 2013, KICT launched the Structural Protection and Anti-Blast Organization as a national land and transport research project with the aim to facilitate the development of the nation’s protective structure technology. Ever since, the organization has put forth great efforts to develop technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Installations Agency, and the Agency for Defense Development. 


* Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack: Damages computers and electronics, electric machines, and data using strong electromagnetic pulses. A massive amount of EMP is one of the secondary effects of a nuclear explosion, which neuters various types of military equipment.


Korean army MOU
Korean army MOU group photo with KICT

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