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KICT Holds Commemorative Event for Its 35th Anniversary
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  • Date2018/06/08 19:03:55
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In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) and the 70th anniversary of the National Construction Research Institute, the KICT (President Seung Heon Han) held a commemorative ceremony at the 30th Anniversary Hall of its headquarters in Ilsan on June 8, 2018, at 2 p.m. and presented "KICT Vision 2030" dedicated to contributing to the sustainable development of human society and the country with science and technology.     
In addition to Minister Hyun-Mee Kim of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) and Chairman Kwang-Yeon Won of the National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST), the commemorative ceremony was attended by the leaders of the research institutes under the NST, the chairman of the Korea Infrastructure Safety Corporation (KISC) and the heads of organizations related to the KISC, presidents of associations in the construction sector, and CEOs of private construction companies.  
The KICT has been serving as a construction think tank for Korea over the past 35 years as a research institute specializing in construction technology, leading the innovation of construction technology and industry. With this ceremony, the KICT unveiled a new vision to contribute to the sustainable development of human society and the country through science and technology as a government-sponsored institute in the field of construction technology. The KICT also proposed "addressing national and social issues," "contributing to the innovative growth of the construction industry," "joint prosperity of the Korean Peninsula," and "solving global issues" as its roles and responsibilities to achieve a new vision by 2030.   
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