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29th Korea-Japan (KICT-JICE) Joint Seminar
  • NameKICT
  • Date2018/09/03 15:51:43
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On September 3, KICT hosted the 29th Korea-Japan (KICT-JICE) Exchange and Cooperation Conference together with the Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering (JICE) at the KICT headquarters in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. The joint seminar between the two institutes was held from September 3 to September 7.


The event started with congratulatory addresses by President Seung Heon Han and Chairman Taniguchi Hiroaki, followed by presentations by researchers from both institutions. Joint seminars were held on the subjects of rivers, roads, technology, and procurement, and participants later visited the Arisu Water Purification Center in Yeongdeungpo and the Gayang Modular Housing Site to observe real-life examples of technologies at work.


KICT and JICE signed an exchange agreement in 1989 and hosted their first Joint Annual Construction Technology Seminar in 1990. Since then, the event has been held on an annual basis with the two institutes alternating as hosts

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