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Multi Disaster Countermeasures Organization Hosts Technology Commercialization Briefing Session
  • NameKICT
  • Date2018/07/25 16:34:58
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On July 25, KICT’s Multi Disaster Countermeasures Organization hosted a technology commercialization briefing session for its study titled “Open-platform Integrated Disaster Response CPS for Skyscrapers and Compound Facilities”.

The briefing session began with welcoming remarks from the Vice President for Industrial Innovation and continued with an introduction to the Multi Disaster Countermeasures Organization and presentations given by individual researchers on the key research output of the organization.

Presentations addressed key topics such as the instrumentation-based structural status assessment program, big data-based superstructure monitoring program, structural foundation damage monitoring system, emergency evacuation air supply support system, and consolidated disaster information platform. Presentations were followed by discussions related to disaster response technology transfers and business development.



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