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KICT Develops Vietnam-Tailored Warm Mix Asphalt Technology and Enters the Vietnamese Market
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  • Date2018/10/08 10:08:48
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On October 8 in Hanoi, Vietnam, KICT (President: Han Seung Heon Han) signed a Minute of Discussion (MOD) with the Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam (DRVN, General Director: Nguyen Van Hueyn) for the improvement of Vietnam’s road pavement technology and the application of Korea’s warm mix asphalt technology in Vietnam.
The MOD was signed in the presence of KICT’s Vice President of Industrial Innovation and the Deputy Director General of the DRVN. The MOD was particularly significant in that it was the first practical business agreement of the ODA project titled “Vietnam Road Warm Mix Asphalt Technology Optimization Project,” which is a follow- up measure of the MOU on Korea-Vietnam Traffic Infrastructure Cooperation. The MOU was signed following the Korea-Vietnam Bilateral Summit held in March this year.
This ODA project has been managed by KICT since August of this year. It is Korea’s first grant-type ODA in the form of a “project” managed as part of the Korean government’s New Southern Policy. The project is being operated by two Korean and Vietnamese institutes specializing in road pavement: the Vietnam-Korea Transport Infrastructure Cooperation Center (VKTrans), which was established after the President of Korea conducted a state visit in March; and the Institute of Transport Science and Technology (ITST), a Vietnamese government-funded research institute.
KICT and DRVN group photo

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