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Launching ceremony for the Indoor Air Quality Research Center (IAQ)
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  • Date2019/01/15 13:42:55
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The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) hosted a ceremony and round table discussion at its Ilsan headquarters on January 15 (Tuesday) to celebrate the opening of the Indoor Air Quality Research Center (IAQ).  Guests at the event included representatives from the Ministry of Science and ICT, the National Research Council of Science & Technology (NST), research institutions, regional autonomous governments, civic groups, and other research stakeholders.
The NST plans to commit a total of KRW 12 billion in research funds over three years for a clean air study to be conducted at the center. Research personnel selected from participating institutions will gather at the IAQ for joint research, using infrastructure furnished by the KICT. In addition to the KICT, the managing agency for the project, six commissioned partner research institutions including the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and noteworthy Korean universities, as well as eight private corporations, will participate in the project.
At the IAQ, research personnel will use multi-sensing and visualization techniques for the ten key “hazardous substances” to develop technologies to improve indoor air quality. Targeted technologies will include active, energy-saving ventilation systems, quick-response technologies for the removal and containment of pollutants in extreme circumstances (heat waves, etc.) and accidents (fires, etc.), as well as tailored management technologies for multi-use facilities. Personnel at the center will also work to support relevant government policies and to commercialize the technologies they develop. The center will operate in cooperation with regional autonomous governments such as the cities of Seoul, Goyang and Siheung. Through the center, living labs will also be established for the joint testing of the various technologies developed by center users, facility managers, and researchers.
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