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Opening of the KICT Robotics FabLab
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  • Date2019/02/18 13:47:26
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The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) hosted an official event at its Ilsan headquarters on February 18 (Monday) to celebrate the opening of the KICT Robotics FabLab and IoT Sandbox R&D infrastructure.
The FabLab was created for basic R&D and experiments on construction automation systems. The facility will be used in the research of various construction site automation technologies using robotic arms, and for the study of key automation technologies for smart construction. The IoT Sandbox Lab, equipped with prototype development and research infrastructure, will be used for the support of smart cities and other IoT-based services. The lab is also equipped with 3D printers for prototype fabrication, laser cutters, IoT boards and sensors, oscilloscopes, and computers for deep learning development, among others.
The FabLab and IoT Sandbox Lab research facilities were established as part of efforts to create an environment to support the R&D of fundamental ‘Industry 4.0’ construction technologies. The facilities represent a year of collaborative efforts between the Department of Future Technology and Convergence Research’s Strategic Task and Planning Team, the Construction Automation Research Center, and the Smart Cities Research Center. If all goes according to plan, the facilities will be available not only to researchers affiliated with the KICT, but also to tenant construction startups in the support center.
Robotics FabLab Opening
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