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KICT Agrees on Smart City MOU with Yonsei University
  • NameKICT
  • Date2019/05/13 14:29:20
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The KICT and Yonsei University signed an MOU for the KICT-Yonsei Smart City Challenge Program at Yonsei University on May 13. The KICT-Yonsei Smart City Challenge Program is an industry-academic cooperation program that focuses on the smart city field.

Successful smart city implementation requires convergence research not only in the field of conventional construction but also in new research fields as well. This is the main reason why the KICT, Korea’s one and only government-funded construction research agency, and Yonsei University, a leader in engineering research, have come together in cooperation. The partnership will facilitate convergence research that combines the KICT’s future-oriented construction technologies with Yonsei University’s expertise in electric, electronic, and chemical engineering.

In addition to manpower, information, and technological exchanges, the KICT and Yonsei University will also work together to complete pilot projects for new smart city construction technologies and share testbeds. Industry-academic cooperation scholars will be selected to participate in joint research and will be provided with special instruction, helping cultivate talented individuals specializing in the areas of cooperation. In the future, the cooperation program will be expanded to include other research fields.
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