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The 2019 Korea Science Festival
  • NameKICT
  • Date2019/04/19 14:51:48
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The KICT took part in the 23rd Korea Science Festival held in downtown Seoul from April 19 (Fri) to April 23 (Tue). KICT’s exhibit featured the institute's advanced technologies and achievements, and booth visitors responded positively to the variety of experience programs provided.
A construction technology experience program was held on April 20 (Sat). Participants took part in a cable-stayed bridge building program (modeled after the Geoga Bridge) and learned about the forces and principles at work in bridges.
Research models and experimental equipment for wave power generation, sea water desalination and earthquake simulation were also shown, along with exhibits showcasing the research achievements of the KICT.
earthquake simulator
bridge making class
wave generator module

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