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The 9th Annual KICT-RIOH Exchange Meeting
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  • Date2019/04/23 14:54:59
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On April 23, the KICT hosted the 9th Annual KICT-RIOH (Research Institute of Highway, China) Exchange Meeting at its headquarters in Ilsan. The exchange meeting between the two institutes was held from April 22 to 26.
The meeting began with a welcome address by KICT President Seung Heon Han and a congratulatory speech by RIOH Vice President Yanqing Cen, which were then followed by presentations given by researchers from both agencies. Joint seminars were held on the topics of roads, bridges, ITS, and traffic, and the RIOH delegation later visited the Korea Transportation Safety Authority’s K-City and Jeju Transportation Information Center.
The RIOH is a state research institution established in 1956 under the Chinese Ministry of Transportation.
The KICT and RIOH signed an exchange agreement in 2009, and the first exchange meeting was held in 2010 for the purpose of sharing R&D achievements. Since then, the two agencies have alternated hosting the joint seminars.
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