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KICT Signs Smart Construction Technology MOU with Five Companies including Trimble
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  • Date2019/09/02 16:14:57
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On September 2 (Mon) at its Ilsan Headquarters, the KICT signed a comprehensive MOU with Trimble Inc., SK E&C, SK Telecom and Hyundai Construction Equipment for smart construction technology, R&D cooperation, and innovation in related industries.

As the first step of carrying out the MOU, the parties agreed to hold an ‘Open Demonstration to Prove the Effectiveness of Smart Construction’ at the KICT's Yeoncheon SOC Demonstration Research Center within the year. The demonstration will involve an on-site comparative assessment of the effectiveness of conventional construction machinery and 5G-enabled smart construction equipment, proving the efficiency and safety benefits of smart construction.

‘Smart construction’ is a concept that combines conventional construction with state-of-the-art technology, including BIM, drones, robots, IoT, Big Data, and AI. Korean smart construction technology development began in October 2018 with the MOLIT’s announcement of the ‘Smart Construction Technology Roadmap.’ The ‘Smart Construction Technology Development Program’ will begin in earnest in 2020 as a state-level smart construction development effort. The joint demonstration is the first of its kind in Korea, and one of only a few similar events globally. The demonstration is expected to produce valuable data for domestic smart construction technology and policy development.

For the joint demonstration, supervised by the KICT, Trimble will offer smart construction machinery operation solutions, conduct topographic surveys using drones and other 3D data collection technologies, and provide data conversion solutions. SK E&C will develop the demonstration scenario and implement construction, while SKT will provide a 5G-enabled remote communication environment and solutions to improve construction site safety. Hyundai Construction Equipment will provide smart construction equipment with remote diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.

The KICT is hoping that the ‘Smart Construction Support Center’ will assist in the execution of the MOU and contribute to bolstering support for Korean construction startups. In addition, the Yeoncheon Center will be developed into a comprehensive smart construction technology testbed.
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