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KICT Signs Smart Construction Technology MOU with 6 Organizations, including Seoul Metropolitan Gov.
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  • Date2020/05/26 00:00:00
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KICT Seoul Smart Construction MOU 4

KICT Signs Smart Construction Technology MOU with Six Organizations, including Seoul Metropolitan Government

The KICT signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with six organizations, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government, on May 26(Tuesday) at Seoul City Hall to promote smart construction technology and create a smart construction environment.


The seven organizations that signed the agreement were the KICT, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Korean Society of Civil Engineers, the Architectural Institute of Korea, the Korea Information & Communication Contractors Association, the Construction Association of Korea, and the Korea Expressway Corporation.


Under the MOU, the signing parties agreed to: establish joint strategic cooperation systems, including advanced systems and private case studies/investigations; share related information; and actively engage in forums, academies, workshops, and pilot projects. For these purposes, six of the signing organizations will be applying their specialized capabilities and resources in the area of smart construction technology. All signees will also cooperate to develop policies, and improve systems, public relations, and international relations to introduce and increase the utilization of smart construction technology.


Smart construction is a cutting-edge construction technology that maximizes construction productivity and stability through digitization, automation, and safety management throughout the construction process. This is done by integrating the technologies characteristic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as BIM(Building Information Modeling), drones, robots, AR/VR, IoT, big data, and modularization, into design, construction, safety, and other construction-related fields.


BIM technology, in particular, has been introduced to certain design elements connecting the World Cup Bridge, which is scheduled to open in December 2020. This technology will be applied in earnest to the development of the Yeongdong-daero Underground Space Complex as well as to the construction of the underground roadway of the Eastern Highway, which are expected to be officially approved by the Seoul in 2020.


Smart construction technology realizes the advanced technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as the digitization of the entire construction process, automation of construction equipment, virtual construction, smart safety management, and automated robots. It is expected that the application of these technologies will reduce the occurrence of accidents at construction sites,reduce costs, and increase productivity by shortening the construction period of road structures.

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