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KICT, Gyeongsangnam-do and Gyeongnam Institute Sign MOU on Smart Construction Technologies
  • NameKICT
  • Date2020/10/28 00:00:00
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The KICT, the provincial government of Gyeongsangnam-do Province and the Gyeongnam Institute signed an MOU on the “Adoption of Smart Construction Technologies” at the Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Office in Changwon on October 28 (Wed).

Through the agreement, the three organizations will cooperate to promote the adoption and proliferation of smart construction technologies, drawing on their respective administrative and technological capacities. The goal of the agreement is to seek solutions to various pending regional issues, and reflect the results in strategic programs such as the Gyeongnam New Deal.

The agreement also calls for: the furnishing of an R&D infrastructure for regional development projects, aid to advance the technologies and competitiveness of construction-related SMEs in the region, regional partnership projects, the implementation of smart construction infrastructure and advancement of construction technologies, the development of the Jinhae Bay Tourism Belt, and cooperation in the development of accident and natural disaster response plans for the region.

The signatories to the agreement will develop regional cooperation tasks that have the aim of improving the competitiveness of construction-related SMEs in the region and addressing pending local issues, and jointly establish R&D plans for each task. The participating institutions will also form working-level councils in charge of administering education and training, seminars and information exchanges to promote and strengthen cooperative networks in the area of smart construction technologies.