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Ventilation Systems Donated to Small Businesses as a Form of Pandemic Assistance
  • NameKICT
  • Date2022/03/07 00:00:00
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On March 7, the KICT, the People's COVID-19 Safety Headquarters, and Korea Association of Ventilation Industry Companies jointly held a ceremony for the donation of ventilation systems to small businesses as a form of pandemic assistance.

The donation, funded by KD Navien, Marswin, Eunsung Chemical, Jeongmin, Haatz, and Himpel, will provide 110 buildings, including small businesses, daycare centers, and kindergartens, with ventilation systems valued at a combined total of KRW 500 million.

Ceremony attendees included: KICT President Kim Byung-suk; Standing Chairwoman Kang Jung-hwa of the People's COVID-19 Safety Headquarters; President Kim Hak-gyeom of the Korea Association of Ventilation Industry Companies; Second Vice-mayor Yoo Moon-jong of Suwon; Vice-mayor Lim Byung-joo of Anseong; Vice-mayor Son Im-sung of Bucheon; and Chairman Lee Jong-min of the Korea Self-Employment Association.

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