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KICT and Ulsan Sign MOU for the Installation of Smart Construction Infrastructure
  • NameKICT
  • Date2023/11/22 00:00:00
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On November 23, the KICT entered into an MOU with Ulsan Metropolitan City for the establishment of smart construction infrastructure at the Ulsan City Hall.

Under the MOU, Ulsan will adopt and commercialize the KICT’s smart construction infrastructure to help resolve regional issues and promote innovative growth. The two parties will work together to share technologies and personnel to: identify and pursue projects in the field of smart construction; execute joint regional projects to advance construction technology; and improve the competitiveness of Ulsan’s small and medium-sized construction businesses.

As Korea’s only national research institution for construction technology, the KICT will utilize its outstanding technology and research infrastructure to conduct regional cooperation projects with Ulsan in the coming years, providing support for the field application and validation of smart construction technology to improve the living environment in Ulsan. The KICT will also work to provide technical support for small and medium-sized construction companies in Ulsan so that they can develop technological capacities and greater competitiveness for the stimulation of the regional economy.

건설연-울산광역시 스마트 건설 인프라 구축 MOU 1

건설연-울산광역시 스마트 건설 인프라 구축 MOU 2