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Town Hall Held on Revisions to the 2023 Evaluation Framework
  • NameKICT
  • Date2023/11/27 00:00:00
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On November 27 at its Ilsan Headquarters, the KICT held an employee town hall on revisions to the KICT evaluation framework.

After taking office in 2021, President Kim Byung-suk revised the KICT’s evaluation framework to promote staff harmony and cooperation and to help realize the level of innovation expected from the KICT by the public and government. During the town hall, KICT staff discussed the changes and effects of the revisions to the evaluation framework, which reflects President Kim’s belief that it takes the participation of everyone at the KICT to create a transparent and sustainable evaluation framework.

At the town hall, the 11 revisions to the evaluation framework were outlined by an 87-member open presentation committee in the form of 4 discussion and decision-making sessions. These 2-hour-long sessions were led by a panel of 12 individuals representing different positions, ranks, and departments within the KICT with active participation by audience members.

The event was attended by 162 members of the KICT, including the president, vice presidents, department chiefs, open presentation committee members, union chairman, and research development council representatives. The live streaming of the event attracted 234 viewers.

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