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Online Opening of the 2021 Green Building Festival
  • NameKICT
  • Date2021/12/28 10:26:33
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The KICT's 2021 Green Building Festival was held as an online event on September 28 and 29.

The two-day annual event, which celebrated its eleventh year this year, was co-hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the KICT with sponsorship by the Architecture and Urban Research Institute, Korea Authority of Land and Infrastructure Safety, Korea Institute of Registered Architects, Korea Real Estate Board, Korea Energy Agency, Korea Land and Housing Corporation, and other organizations.

Day one of the festival began with addresses and presentations by keynote speakers and experts from Korea and abroad, who spoke on the topic of "Towards Green Building and Carbon Neutrality." The speeches were followed by an award ceremony for champions of the green building industry and the announcement of the winners of Korea Green Building Award.

Day two began with a live seminar on carbon neutrality and green building during which approximately 40 experts from related industries gave presentations. Views and opinions were exchanged on a diverse range of topics related to carbon neutrality and green building, including technology development.

In celebration of the Green Building Festival, the KICT ran its Big Walk donation campaign from August 16 to September 12, which gave participants a chance to help design green buildings. The Big Walk campaign was a huge success, attracting donations that together were three times the targeted KRW 100 million. The KICT will be using the collected donations, in partnership with the Korean Federation for Environmental Movements, to renovate the homes and facilities of people living in energy poverty.