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Holding of the 2021 K-Building ConFest (AI)
  • NameKICT
  • Date2021/12/28 10:28:06
  • Hit86

On November 3, the KICT held the 2021 K-Building ConFest (Conference andFestival) in the 30th Anniversary Hall of its headquarters in Ilsan.

The official theme of the 2021 K-Building ConFest was "A Second Life Created with the Metaverse and Building Technology." KICT officials, including KICT President Kim Byung-suk, participated in the event online and offline, and invited speakers gave presentations on the development of the building industry, after which participants discussed the topics presented.

In essence, the KICT's 2021 K-Building ConFest was a forum for discussion on the latest information, current abilities, and prospective solutions to R&D issues in the Korean building industry, focusing on the integration of science and the humanities. Exchanges also took place on trends in the metaverse industry, a topic of keen global interest, and how these trends could be developed in harmony with the building industry and its technologies.