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KICT’s Smart Construction Support Center 2 Now Under Construction
  • NameKICT
  • Date2021/06/29 00:00:00
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On the morning of June 29 (Tue) at 10:30 AM, the KICTheld a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the construction of Center 2 of the Smart Construction Promotion Center.

In attendance at the event were 50 guests, including:Vice-minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Yoon Sung-won; Assemblywoman Hong Jung-min; Goyang Deputy Mayor Lee Jae-chul; and officials representing the entities scheduled to move into the building following its completion.

The KICT's Smart Construction Promotion Center plans and implements measures to promote the development and use of smart construction technologies as outlined by the Construction Technology Promotion Act. One of the center’s main functions is to discover and support the development and global expansion of smart construction startups through the use of smart construction technology.

The Smart Construction Support Center has offered office spaces to startups since 2018 through various recruitment processes, including contests. Currently, the center is home to 30 resident startups that receive direct support from the Smart Construction Support Center. To date, the centerhas created 186 new jobs, achieved annual average sales of KRW 12.7 billion,and attracted an annual average investment of KRW 2.5 billion.

The KICT aims to increase its startup and exit-strategy company resident population to up to 50 companies through the smart construction startup contest, held by the center every year. New residents ofthe center will be housed in Center 2 of the Smart Construction Support Center.

Upon completion, Center 2 will proudly stand as a 3-floor structure with a total floor area of 1,817 and will provide some 50 companies with an office environment optimized for functionality and staff interactions, inducing synergy between the center’s research facilities and its resident startups. In keeping with the center’s overall vision, the planning and construction of the new building will also incorporate the use of smart construction technology.

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