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KICT Signs MOU for Utilization of a National Spatial Data System With MOLIT
  • NameKICT
  • Date2021/06/01 00:00:00
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The KICT signed an MOU on the “joint utilization of national spatial data in 2021” with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Korea Cultural Heritage Administration and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute at the government complex in Sejong City.
Spatial data refers to data on the positions of natural or artificial objects existing in above-ground, underground, maritime or atmospheric environments.
Spatial data can be converged and integrated with the data from various other fields for use not only in analyses but also in rational decision-making. Furthermore, spatial data is an important resource in realizing the “digital twin” ecosystem, which is part of the Korean New Deal policy.
The MOU is part of a policy for the convergence and integration of the spatial data kept by each of the participating agencies. The agreement calls for the building of a “spatial data dam” of sorts, for the more elaborate implementation and utilization of spatial information, based on which new services may be developed and future industrial ecosystems will be implemented.
Under the MOU, the parties will engage in close collaboration and communication, and will jointly utilize various types of spatial data on agricultural food products (Farm Maps), 3D urban models, cultural heritage data, and bridge and tunnel dimensions. The shared spatial data will be put to use in a range of fields including agricultural consulting, 3D analyses of flooded areas, bridge safety management and urban safety management.

Utilization of a National Spatial Data System 1

Utilization of a National Spatial Data System 2

Utilization of a National Spatial Data System 3

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