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KICT’s 38th Anniversary Ceremony Held Online and Offline
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  • Date2021/06/10 00:00:00
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A ceremony was held at 11 AM on June 10th (Thu) at the KICT Headquarters in Ilsan to celebrate the 38th Anniversary of the KICT and the 73rd Anniversary of the National Construction Research Institute.
Those attending the ceremony, which was held in the 30th Anniversary Hall in the basement level of HQ Building 1, included around 60 distinguished guests and KICT personnel, including KICT President Kim, Byung-Suk. The event was made all the more meaningful by the presence of former KICT Presidents Lee Jae-myung, Lee Seung-woo, Jeong Nak-nyeong, Woo Hyo-seop and Lee Tae-sik, as well as former National Construction Research Institute Directors Lee Seon-ho, Lee Pil-Won and Park Gyung-boo.

In keeping with the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the ceremony was held online and offline simultaneously. Recorded congratulatory addresses were sent by the National Assembly Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Committee Chairman Lee Won-wook and acting National Research Council of Science & Technology Chairman Lee In-Hwan. KICT researchers and staff currently dispatched abroad were able to attend the ceremony through videoconferencing links.
After the many congratulatory addresses, which were either recorded beforehand or broadcast live online, an awards ceremony recognizing the KICT’s best researchers, best administrative practices and special achievements was held.

President Kim, Byung-Suk also delivered a congratulatory speech in which he committed the institute to digital management, to become an institute with “global technology competitiveness” and a “harmonious organizational culture.” President Kim also emphasized the importance of “creative accumulation” through “innovative research redundancy” under which research in a given area progresses through a series of overlapping steps.

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