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KICT Signs MOU With Jeonbuk Institute for Mutual Development in the Jeonbuk Region
  • NameKICT
  • Date2022/04/12 00:00:00
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On April 12, KICT and the Jeonbuk Institute signed an MOU for mutual development in the Jeonbuk Region.

The signing ceremony was held at the Jeonbuk Institute in Jeongju, Jeollabuk-do and was attended by KICT President Kim Byung-suk, Jeonbuk Institute President Kwon Hyuk-nam, and other officials from various organizations. The main goal of the MOU is for KICT and the Jeonbuk Institute to collaborate on identifying research areas for various pending issues, such as roads, traffic, environment, disasters, construction policy, and construction, and implementing needed measures.

“The highest level of technology possessed by KICT will be overseen for the purpose of resolving the technological aspect of policy research that will resolve pending issues through the Jeonbuk Institute,” said President Kim Byung-suk who promised full support through the collaboration of the two organizations for the Saemangeum megacity development, which was selected as a TF-type by the newly elected government.

“We hope to strengthen research collaboration between the two institutions, and achieve a synergetic effect in advancing construction in the Jeonbuk region as we establish a systematic partnership in the future,” said Jeonbuk Institute President Kwon Hyuk-nam stated.

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