Research Information

Development of technology to improve productivity and adapt modular construction to medium-rise buildings
  • ManageDepartment of Living and Built Environment Research
  • Date2019-08-28
  • Hit81
ㅇ Overview
 Development of technology to improve constructability, economy, and productivity of medium-rise buildings of 13 stories and higher to meet demands for small houses, which have increased due to an increase in the number of small one- to two-person households
  - Development of medium-rise modular design/engineering technology, with enactment and revision of institutions to promote modular construction; technology to be used in public rental housing and school dormitories, etc.
ㅇ Research Contents
  - Development of steel-PC compound modules, medium-rise compound module cores, fire-resistant performance enhancing technologies for modular construction, and dedicated integrated BIM system for modular design, fabrication, construction, and maintenance
  - Development of technologies to optimize factory fabrication of project-specific modules, boosting productivity by 20%; development of technologies—modular construction disassembly and reuse technologies—to diversify modular construction materials
  - Vibration damping and unit packaging systems to prevent in-transport damage to medium-rise construction modules, with medium-rise module lifting and installation processes to streamline on-site construction
ㅇ Research Achievements
  - Detailed design documents for virtual mockup (building, mechanical, electrical)
  - Implementation of main module for integrated modular building project management system (iBIMS) completed
  - Performance testing for combined steel-PC module joints and combined PC panels for modular cores, providing RC core-equivalent performance
  - Produced (tentative) plan to ensure 3-hour fire resistant performance for carbon steel square tubes used in buildings of 13 stories or higher
  - Produced ‘(Tentative) Plan for the Improvement of the Fire Resistant Construction Accreditation System for Modular Housing’
  - Established basic directions for the execution of a medium-rise modular construction pilot project (project implementation, project scale, project funding, etc.)
  - In-transport module vibration testing using real vehicle transports; (tentative) master plan for vibration damping systems; design documents for module transport vibration damping systems
- Development of construction tolerance management plan for medium-rise modular construction sites
ㅇ Expected Effects 
  - Possibility of developing convergence technologies in the modular construction field as necessitated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  - Possible paradigm shift in construction by adopting factory production instead of on-site production practices
  - Reduction of construction time through the fabrication of upwards of 80% of parts in factories; 12% reduction of labor costs through factory production, and 50% reduction of on-site work time due to the prompt and timely supply of large volumes of constructed materials
- Modular construction has various environmental and social advantages, allowing the realization of environmentally friendly and sustainable construction practices.