Research Division

To realize the smart construction through Research
a digitalization of the construction industry, the department tries to develop and commercialize convergence technologies, focusing on a construction information, a spatial information, an autonomous driving, an extreme environment construction, and a construction automation. The achievements can be used in diverse ways such as a core technology development, policy and regulation establishment, technology application and commercialization, and a industry support. The department’s major research areas include ⓐ smart construction and spatial-information–based convergence technology, ⓑ advanced transportation technology such as cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS), ⓒ construction in extreme environments such as space, the Arctic/Antarctic, and contaminated areas, ⓓ smart roads and autonomous-driving system technology, and (e) land transport big data research. This multidisciplinary research is intended to take the lead in building the key agenda in future construction technology, contribute to creating a convergent research ecosystem for the institute, and improve the quality of citizens’ lives.


  • 01 Construction Automation Research Center
  • 02 Extreme Environmental Research Center
  • 03 Autonomous Road Research Center

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Research on convergence technologies based on smart construction information and spatial information
    • Research on construction information and spatial information policy, system and planning establishment
    • Research on technologies and standards based on construction information and spatial information
    • Research on ICT convergence and utilization technologies related to construction information and spatial information
    • Carry out operations consigned by the government related to construction information and the operation of designated centers (road signs, territory-based information, and underground information)
    • Research on smart construction technologies such as BIM and reverse design based on indoor/outdoor spatial information
    • Research on the development of construction project information and driving environment analysis technologies using big data
    • Research on technologies to offer tailored spatial-information-based real-like content for disaster management
    • Research on ultra-connected underground spatial information circulation service system
  • Research on BIM, virtual construction, automation and 3D printing technologies for construction automation
    • Development of BIM platform technologies of SOC facilities such as roads, rivers, railways, ports, etc.
    • Development of dynamic 4D virtual construction simulation based on international standard BIM formats
    • Development of virtual/augmented-reality based smart construction virtualization simulation technologies
    • VR/AR-based urban virtualization technology development and ecosystem construction planning
    • Development of 3D printing designs, materials and equipment for small buildings and non-linear segments
    • Research on integrated operation technologies of construction BIM standards, construction information integration environments, and construction spatial information
  • Research on the development of advanced transportation element technologies and autonomous connected driving (C-ITS, etc.) technologies
    • Research on national road traffic surveys, analysis and statistics
    • Intelligent transportation system (ITS) operation and quality certification, performance evaluation and standardization
    • Research on autonomous connected driving (C-ITS, etc.) technology development
    • Research on road guidelines for safe autonomous driving
    • Development of multiple (autonomous, C-ITS, general) vehicles and pedestrial detection technologies, and transportation control technologies
    • Development of advanced transportation elements to realize smart cities and road
  • Construction technology research in response to extreme environments
    • Research on the response and control of extreme environments (space, North and South Pole, microdusts and pollutants, disaster areas, etc.), and environment-simulation infrastructure development and operation
    • Research on investigation, planning, design, materials, production, construction and management technologies for extreme environments
    • Planning, design, production, construction, operation management, performance and integrity evaluation technology research for plants and lifelines
  • Research on smart roads and autonomous driving
    • Research on the safety of smart road technologies in bad weather (rain, snow, fog)
    • Research on infrastructure (road facility, precise road maps, etc.)-based autonomous driving
    • Research on technologies and services for the mobility of individuals with special needs
  • Research on land transport big data
    • Land transport big data planning and research
    • Build and use land transport big data (construction project information CALS, traffic volume information, nationwide underground structure information, road-occupying facilities and road sign information, etc.)
    • Research on construction project big data service technology (construction CALS) for efficient road management
    • Research on technologies to identify detailed vehicle specifications for smart cities
    • Big data analysis of road traffic
    • Research on 3D-lattice-based integrated land management technologies
    • Develop big-data-based driving environment analysis platforms