Research Division

The Smart Cities Research Center (SCRC) is Research
leading innovative interdisciplinary services to integrate construction industry and intelligent information technologies to resolve the urban problems. Especially, SCRC main roles are research and development of smart city services and technologies including human-centric policy design and strategic planning; developing the Smart City Living Lab and related convergence services and researching on cooperation among citizens, industries, and the government, as well as other countries related to smart city businesses. SCRC is also pursuing data driven smart city model using smart city key performance index (KPI) which can evaluate city facilities and services of urban operation, traffic control, environmental management, and energy optimization using the cutting edge technologies. SCRC will contribute to creating sustainable cities and improving the quality of life.

Main Research Fields (Operations)

  • Research on smart city policy, planning and survey techniques and design technologies
    • Research on guidelines for smart city policy, systems and planning
    • Research on survey methodologies for smart city planning
    • Research on smart city design technologies
  • Development of smart city establishment technologies and convergence services
    • Digital twin-based smart urban information integrated management technologies
    • Technologies for establishing modular cities to advance the adaptability of plug-ins such as urban infrastructure equipment, etc.
    • Smart waste management
    • Smart energy city management technologies
    • Research on smart city information-based simulation and optimization
    • Empirical research on urban society experiments based on living labs
    • Research on the development of smart city use cases
    • Research on smart city living lab-based service development, promotion and public receptivity
  • Smart city commercialization and international cooperation
    • Research on urban data visualization, technology service certification and evaluation methodologies
    • Research on international standards for smart cities
    • Research on smart city business models